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You Can Make Him Fall in Love – You Can Make Him Yours

What can you do to make your man fall in love? How can you tap into his inner emotions and stir them up so that he notices you and decides that you are his one and only?  There are a few things that you can do.  Try our tips.  They really work.  Notice the logic behind them.  Watch how effective they are.  You can really make him fall in love and make him yours.

We are not going to tell you how to attract men.  No doubt you already know how to do that.  Sex is a real attraction if you just want the attention of men.  Money works too.  But the problem is that those things have nothing to do with love.  They have nothing to do with romance.  So please do not be tempted to try to attract a man using those things.  You want to do something to stir his love, not his lust.

  • The best dating advice will encourage you to examine male psychology.  Know that men and women are similar.  If you want to make him fall in love, know that men someone who is pleasant to be with.  After all, that is what you and your girl friends want in a man, right?  You want someone who is pleasant, someone who is kind; someone who is entertaining, right?  Those are the same things that men look for in a woman.
  • So, if you tend to be negative or critical, try to drop those habits.  That includes sarcasm and other negative traits.  Try instead to use words that are positive and pleasant sounding.  This will make you give off positive energy.  Positive energy is a must if you want to make a guy fall in love and make him commit to you long term.
  • Learn to be laugh at the right times.  Do not laugh too much; people will think you are silly or empty headed.  But being able to laugh easily is a real attraction in the dating world.  Learn how to tell a joke and have a new one ready often.  When you can make people laugh and have a good time, they will bond with you.  This is a major key in moving a relationship up a level.  These things can make him fall in love with you.

So, try these things.  Drop any negative habits you have.  Try to be a positive person.  Learn to laugh; learn to tell a joke.  These things will make him fall in love with you.

What Makes Us Fall in Love? - Two Pages from a Guy’s Secret Journal

Did you know that the right woman has several attributes that make us fall in love with her? Are you under the assumption that we men are really more complicated than we are? Perhaps you’ve been told that it’s all about sex with us? If so, you must continue reading. It’s time you were set straight by a peek into a secret journal; then you’ll know what really makes men fall in love.

Page 1 – Friendship is very important to us.

Most guys don’t just fall in love, and that’s not a bad thing. We need an emotional connection first. How can I love you if I don’t even know you? What’s your middle name? What’s mine? Do you even know me or do you just like the way I look and the style of my car? Can you tell me ten non-superficial things that you like about me?

What are my hobbies? Even if you hate sports, will you come to at least one football game with me? It’s not about the game; it’s about you showing me that you care about me and my interests. Can I call you sometimes just to tell you that my day sucked? Will you be my friend first, and then later, my girlfriend, and perhaps someday, my wife?

Page 2 – We’re not stupid; we know the difference between love and lust.

At first, lust is more exciting; and it’s instant. You see a hot babe, and lust is there. It doesn’t require any effort or any thought. It just happens.

To be honest, we can’t control the feeling anymore than a dog can control his scratching urge. Nevertheless, if you’re a confused woman who still believes we can’t explain the dissimilarity between love and lust, dust off your glasses as you continue to read from our secret journal about the things that make us fall in love.

Lust often leads to a good time, but a good time is generally all it is. Gorgeous women, you must understand that a dog will go after a freely thrown bone. It’s an instinct. It’s also quite presumptive on your part, though, to expect the dog is going to fall in love with you just because you gave him a boner, so to speak.

Sex isn’t one of the criteria for a good relationship; sex is an added bonus. We want a man who makes us feel good about ourselves, someone who enriches our life and cares about us for better or worse, and for richer or poorer. Even though it’s against the law in most states, any man can buy sex; but anything that comes with a price tag never lasts forever.

Love is priceless, and when we are standing at the end of the aisle with a minister before us, that’s what we’re chasing after - love. You see, we men do recognize the difference between something that comes and goes - lust, and something that is forever and ever - love.

The question is, do you women understand? Sure, if we find you physically attractive, we probably will accept your offer to stay over on a first date, especially if it’s been a while for us. Plus, what starving man is going to turn down a free meal? But,if you call us the next day, because in all honesty we probably didn’t write down your number, and if you’re ready to meet our parents, then we will block your phone calls. To be frank, we probably didn’t give you our real number in the first place.

It’s our assumption that you were looking for something quick and easy too; because, after all, you were very easy. Don’t be angry because we took your one night stand to be a one night stand. The next time you’re looking for a serious relationship; don’t put sex on the table first. We men learn a lot and sometimes fall in love during all the courses that come before dessert.

Hopefully, you’ve found these two pages from our secret journal useful. We hope you have. Lust is fun, but at the end of the aisle, all of us guys are truly looking for women who can make us fall in love with ourselves.

Why do women fall in-love after a one night stand?

I mean you know it, he never said the “L” word to you, he never promise you a rose garden, i mean didn’t you know when he sent you to get breakfast then lock the door on you, so ladies why do you start listening to “how did you know i needed someone like you in my life” or cleaning your apartment? or wait by the phone with longing eyes? :)

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